A Fashion Retail Business is an Amazing Business opportunity with endless possibilities, but as with any other venture, the more clarity you have when you start the better.

Here are a few steps to figure out before starting.

1. Product!
What product do you plan on selling?, or better still what problem are you solving?
You have to be specific, if you say dresses, what kind of dresses?
Work dresses are different from bridal train dresses and flowy weekend dresses like Agbayas.

2. Price!
Your pricing needs to be defined and standardized, a lot of factors need to be put into consideration when it comes to pricing.

3. People!
Who are you selling to? Who is going to BUY what you sell? Who is going to WEAR what you sell? Most times the “buyer and wearer” is the same person but it’s not always the case.

4. Place!…..

5. Test the Market!