Are you a 9to5er wishing you could turn your passion for fashion into a fashion business you can someday leave your job to?

Or do you just want it as an additional stream of income?

Or have you recently started a fashion brand but really want to cut out all the guess work and avoidable mistakes in building a profitable brand?

Keep Reading If This Sounds Like You


You have many ideas but and don't know where to start?


You have started but can't seem to make a profit.


You know your brand is not defined and does not STAND OUT in the market place.




You don't know how to find suppliers, source products or hire Artisans.


You want to outsource manufacturing but can't find reliable Manufacturing partners.


You really want your brand stand out and become profitable.

Finally, a Step-by-Step Guide to Launching your Profitable Fashion Brand!

The Fashion for Profit Bootcamp is a six week online course that takes you through the discovery process of defining and launching your brand with clarity and confidence.


The Course comprises of 8 Modules.


Fashion Market Segmentation /

Vision and Goal Setting


Product Development and Design


Niche Creation


Defining the Essence of Your Brand


Business Model Development


Fashion Inventory Management


Launch Strategy/ Plan


Launch and Re-Strategize



My name is Oyinlola Adekogbe.

I’m the founder of Jedi & Co Accessories, a fashion brand for Stylish, Confident and Limitless Women and The Fashion Faculty, a Fashion Academy dedicated to helping others build Thriving and Profitable Fashion Brands.

I started my Fashion brand out with 15,000NGN as a hobby back in 2014 and fully launched in 2016, after over two years of making numerous mistakes and enjoying successes. I was able to leave my 9-to-5 to concentrate on my business because it has since grown to a multi-million Naira brand, making 7 figures monthly.

The Fashion Faculty came out of a passion to help 9-to-5 and budding entrepreneurs who desire to build fashion businesses, with access to guidance, resources, mentorship that I didn’t get.

I have been Featured on Guardian Woman, Metrowoman,, Blue Print Afric and The Punch Newspaper.

I am also the convener of the Profitable Fashionpreneur Conference

Why you should trust me

⇒ I built a fashion brand from 15,000Naira to a multi-million Naira brand.

⇒ I have had to learn from making mistakes that cost me time and money, and my aim is to help you to avoid making similar mistakes.

⇒ I am very passionate about bridging the gap in the Nigerian fashion industry where there is an abundance of training to acquire skills like fashion designing and all but little guidance to translate the acquired skills and passion into a business.

⇒ It is my goal to therefore provide you with guidance and mentorship to help you take your passion and turn it into profitable fashion brand in Nigeria.


1. Save Money: The cost of hiring a business consultant (who isn’t experienced in Fashion) to help launch your brand will cost you about 500,000Naira, and you will also have lost a fundamental part of the learning process.

2. Avoid Financial Loss: I lost over 2 million Naira from avoidable mistakes, because there were no experienced fashion entrepreneurs willing to guide me and hold my hand through this journey so I had to learn by making mistakes.

3. Launch your Brand: Launching your fashion brand once you have carried out a proper market research and have a plan. The realities of the market will help you further fine tune your brand.

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be able to:

Create a Vision and Set Goals for your Fashion Business

Create your Product Development and Design

Build a reliable Brand that delivers on its promise

Work with both local and international suppliers

Create a Niche

Define the Essence of your Brand

Develop your Business Model

Create Cash Flow and Inventory Management

Have a Launch Plan

Launch and Re-Strategize


At the point when I contacted you, I didn’t have the idea on how to even launch out. I love the way you use real life scenarios in explaining stuff. The discussion with you pushed me to start within my present capacity. You have given me the push I really needed!


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I was made to feel comfortable by your demeanor, it was a light and relaxed atmosphere and you were easy to talk to. I got good advice on how to manage my production challenges, suggestions on how to better position my brand and feedback on my brand image.


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Q: What is the Fashion for Profit Bootcamp all about?
A: The Fashion for Profit Bootcamp is a six week online course that takes you through the discovery process of defining and launching your brand with clarity and confidence.

Q: Where does the Fashion for Profit Bootcamp hold?
A: ONLINE. The Fashion for Profit Bootcamp holds online so you can sign up and participate from any part of the world.

Q: How does this work?
A: After you pay, we would create a student profile for you on our online school and send you the username and password which you would use to login and access the course content on the course start date.

Q: When is the course starting?
A: The course starts on the 26th of October, 2018.

Q: Do the classes hold live online?
A: No, the lessons are pre-recorded and uploaded on our online school.

Q: How long would I have access to this course for?
A: You have access to the course for as long as it exists on this platform.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No, we don’t offer refunds but can assure you that you will get value for what you are paying for.

Q: Can I pay in installments?
A: Yes, you can pay in 2 installments. Visit the payment page for more details.

Q: What happens after I pay?
A: After payment, you will get a payment receipt and welcome email from us. Your login details will be sent to you when the course commences.